How do I dispose of my old mobile phones?

Destroying or safely dispose of your old mobile phone is necessary and, in some countries, throwing electronics devices randomly is a crime. Your old mobile might be useless for your purpose and unwanted. But it still contains data like contacts, search engine history, financial information, emails, user identities, messages, etc. Remember, these data can be easily recovered from a reset or wiped device. Therefore, your old phone must go through a decommissioning process before you get rid of it.

Take a look at how you can safely dispose of your old mobile phone

 Take the device to a recycler 

You can find a lot of not-for-profit organizations and local communities that help to recycle old phones. For example, everybody knows about mobile phone recycling in Adelaide and you can also find many such offers in other places when you search the internet.

Get the assistance of a tech firm 

There are many local tech firms or electronics retailers and manufacturers who offer solar panel disposal and electronic device recycling services. You can also check for giving back your old mobile for gift cards if you have a branded mobile. For example, Apple has a “GiveBack” program for a gift card up to $ 1530.

Contact your health and sanitation agency 

If you are to anyway throw the mobile, then remove all your data from the mobile and secure data destruction. Look for a bin meant for the green and safe disposal of technological devices. You can find them near technology stores. Finally, contact the health and sanitation agency if you still need help.  

Recycling your old and unwanted mobile phone is a necessity for many reasons. However, it is important to discard the device safely in an environmentally conscious way if you must throw the phone anyway.

How do I dispose of electronics in Perth?

Disposing of old and unused electronics is often seen as embarrassing but there are several easy options. You cannot simply throw them up because they are hazardous and are restricted legally in many countries. One of the best options to dispose of these unwanted electronics in Perth or elsewhere is free e waste recycling

know about options to safely dispose of your unused electronics

Electronic waste commonly known as e-waste include your old, unused, and unwanted electronic devices like laptops, computers, televisions, printers, VCRs, fax machines, copiers, cables, electronic games, stereos, mobile phones, etc. E-waste is extremely hazardous for health and the environment and involves life risks. So, you must be extremely careful while discarding the devices. Similarly, make sure that you are not going to be a victim of data destruction while disposing of your computer, laptop, and mobile phones.

Explore the following options for the safe disposal of your electronics:

Recycling as the best option

The best and eco-friendly disposal option for your electronics is recycling. Nowadays, recycle services are available almost in every city including Perth and battery recycling in Adelaide.

See, if you can donate them

Examine if your electronic devices can still be used. Many non-profit organizations collect old and unused electronic devices and send them to poor and developing countries. Your unwanted devices can be used by people who need them but do not afford to buy one. 

Search for “gift vouchers” in exchange for your electronic devices

Amazon and Apple have programs that provide gift cards in exchange for tablets, mobile phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. This can be a good option to dispose of your electronics.

Remember, your old electronic devices might have many things that may be precious. Therefore, recheck your devices and then uninstall and remove equipment to dispose them of.


What Factors to check when hiring a computer recycling company?

If your office or home storeroom is stuffed with old computers or you have piled up old electronics and in your garage, it’s high time to get rid of your man cave relics as old electronics should be disposed of instead of storing up.

Hire a reliable electronics and expert computer recycling company eligible to conduct a thorough data deletion process and ensure 100% safe computer recycling at your doorstep.

Being a concerned citizen, you can stay away from dumping the damaged electronics, home appliances, computers and mobile phones in landfills when governments globally are eager to increase awareness among people to save the environment from the toxins of electronics dumping. Instead, opt for recycling, the safest way to get rid of the old computers.

Know a few factors to check when hiring a computer recycling company—

  • The company is strategically upgraded with cutting-edge electronics recycling equipment. From the website, you can get the details or else, you can check the reviews and ratings to gauge the professional calibre of the company you choose whether for computer disposal or mobile phone disposal or any electronic devices. 
  • Make sure the company ensures you with a guaranteed secure data wiping before recycling computers. By running the data deletion software, the last inch of the intellectual property of your office or personal life can be wiped off completely without leaving a trace. So, if you’re planning to donate old computers or sell them, run the data deletion software first before whatever you do with your computers. 
  • Ask what types of electronics the company recycles. The majority of popular companies across Australia, shoulder the responsibility of recycling computers, home appliances, entertainment sets, gadgets like tablets, mobile phones and even conduct lithium battery recycling in Adelaide with equal diligence. 

Consider these factors before hiring a computer recycling company to maintain mutual transparency.


Top Services provided by reputed electronic disposal companies

It is not unknown to us how e-waste damaging our environment. The rise of dumping electronic waste in the landfills is allowing more toxins of mercury and lead to deeply penetrate the soil causing serious damages to the living world. You can come up with a philosophy to take a step forward to change the world by hiring a company recycling and offering electronic waste disposal in Perth systematically.

The electronic recycling companies are comprised of a team of skilled and experienced professionals with the necessary equipment and software necessary to wipe off the data before computer disposal services. Instead of deciding to dump your old electronics in the landfills in Australia, consider recycling for protecting the environment.

Here’s a list of services provided by reputed electronic disposal companies—

Computer Disposal

If you have recently replaced your old computers with cutting-edge machines then instead of dumping the old systems, hire a reliable company offering 100% safe computer disposal in Perth and can run disk cleaning software for 100% data deletion before disposing of it.

Allow the experts to recycle the old computers in their covered labs or their disposing vans safely.

Solar Panel Recycling 

Piling up the old solar panel in your backyard or dumping them in the landfills can be threatening to the environment. By opting for solar panel recycling in Perth you can not only protect the environment but can also keep your property clean.

Old Electronics Recycling 

Call a reliable and highly recommended electronic disposal company offering the same-day service at your doorstep to dispose of the old electronics cluttered in your store or attic. Instead of piling up the junk in your home or office get rid of them by calling a reliable electronic disposal company near you.

By availing of these services from the e-waste disposal and recycling company, you can take a step forward to save the environment.